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Darlington and County Durham Medical Journal
Spring 2012 - Volume 6: Issue 1
1. Editorial Team working, then and now
Peter Trewby
Page 3
2. Letter to the Editor: Daily dose of gentamicin in neonates: Four, Five mg/kg or does it matter?
John Furness
Page 6
3. An unusual metastasis in Oesophageal cancer – case report and review of the literature
Omar Elneima, Dina Mansour, Anjan Dhar
Page 8
4. The use of intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE) as an antidote in drug toxicity – an update
Richard Muzawazi, Baskar Manickam
Page 11
5. Case Report: Pilonidal sinus - An unusual cause of umbilical swelling
Chris Emmett and Andrew Gilliam
Page 18
6. Root Cause Analysis in Clinical Environments
Jeffrey C. McIlwain
Page 20
7. Is the Logothetopolous pack useful in our practice?
A Krishna, R Wood
Page 26
8. Interview with the new Chief Executive, Sue Jacques.
Page 28
9. Spring Book Review
Tom Marsh
Page 34
10 . The Use of Supplemental Oxygen in the Coronary Care Unit - Completing the Audit Cycle.
K Ghoorah, J Cam, A Harper, DP Ripley, N Swanson, MA de Belder
Page 36
11. Acute hypotension associated with cell salvaged blood transfusion
- a case report.
Richard Muzawazi, Denish Selvan
Page 40
12. Review: Phil Hammond’s Rude Health Show
Page 42
13. VQ SPECT - As accurate as CTPA for the diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism
Elizabeth Jefferson and Alison Mackie
Page 43
14. A challenging case of dyspnoea.
Ashish Kotecha, R Viswesvaraiah, Karen Lipscomb
Page 50
15. A randomized questionnaire-based study on the impact of providing numerical information on colorectal cancer screening
Imran M Patanwala, Victoria Brocklebank, Janet Inglis, Peter N Trewby
Page 52