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Darlington and County Durham Medical Journal
Summer 2007 - Volume 1: Issue 1
1. Editorial
Richard Henderson
Page 2
2. Welcome back
Peter Trewby
Page 3
3. Letter to the editor. TNF alpha and transport on passenger aircraft.
N. Kumar, R. Dewar and A. Chuck
Page 4-5
4. Letter to the editor: Progress Backwards
Page 6-7
5. Abstinence under fire.
T.G. Stammers
Page 8-11
6. Subcutaneous emphysema secondary to a malignant bronchocutaneous fistula.
A. Kumar and P. Foden
Page 12-13
7 International medical graduates in the UK: past, present and ?future.
P. Trewby
Page 14-16
8. Fatigue fracture neck of neck of femur in a patient with severe osteoarthritis of hips.
M. Rashid, Z. Kazi, and P.G. Anil Kumar
Page 17-19
9. Dermatitis artefacta, an unusual presentation.
A. Jayappa and W.H. Lamb
Page 20-22
10. Delayed rupture of extensor longus pollicis tendon following distal radius fracture in a young patient.
R.Gopala Rao and P.G. Anil Kumar
Page 23-25
11. Enophthalmos with simultaneous orbital and subcutaneous infiltration as the presenting sign of metastatic carcinoma of breast
Vinjeet Singh, Kinnar P. Merchant, Surabhi Singh and Clive Bloxham
Page 26-28

12. Intoxicating stuff and nonsense
Malcolm Bateson
Page 29-31

13.Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis in a caucasian male: the recurrence of attack after radioactive iodine treatment
Aman Anand, Bharath K. Cheripelli, Peter Carr
Page 32-33

An atypical presentation of multiple intra-abdominal abscesses.
Salman Waqar, Muhammad Zakir and N.B. Corner
Page 34-37