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Darlington and County Durham Medical Journal
Winter 2011 - Volume 5: Issue 2
1. Editorial - On Trees: Maidens’ Hair, Methuselah and Medicine
Andrew Michie
Page 3
2. Obesity Surgery and its complications.
Andrew Gilliam, Sohail Ahmed
Page 5
3.Case reports and a Review of post infective arthritis
O. Elneima, A. Pratt, D. Ashok
Page 14
4. Is Specialist Communication a foreign language? A comparison of advice given to back pain patients by GPs in the North West of England and Wales
Geoffrey M. Knox, Jane T. Fenlon
Page 18
5. An unusual presentation of Cauda Equina Syndrome
Ihor Smyrnov, Joseph Sudhakar
Page 23
6. The Impact and Value of the Introduction of Stand Alone Core Medical Training Days at County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust.
S. Y. Lim, N. Kumar
Page 26
7. Autumn Book Review
Tom Marsh
Page 29
8. Interview with the MP for Darlington.
Page 31
9. Post-intubation tracheal rupture (PITR) following uncomplicated endotracheal intubation
S. Lobaz, M. Damodara, C. Pani, C. Watson
Page 36
10. Percutaneous correction of Mitral Regurgitation using the MitraClip device: A Literature Review
A.R. Harper
Page 42
11. A Case of Bilateral Orbital MALT Lymphoma
D.L. Lunt, C. Matthews, P. Chakraborty
Page 50

12. What do we mean by “Spiritual Need?” A brief reflection on evidence
Kevin Tromans
Page 53